Are Facebook-Tabs about to get trimmed down… again?

We sure don’t hope so! But if you take a closer look at the redesigned page-layout, which was been introduced with Facebook Places (and which already is effective for existing pages which have been merged with a Place, like this one), it looks like we could soon have to say goodbye to another 27px of horizontal screen-estate – because in this new layout, tabs seem to be limited to 493px. This is also reflected in the CSS in use.
Of course, weither it still makes sense to call them „tabs“ at all is up for debate, since the new layout is moving tabs from the top of the page to the left sidebar, just below the profile-image (kinda reminiscent of the way apps were initially displayed on user-profiles, back in 2007). However, this change has been widely reported and doesn’t imply any need for technical adjustments. Also, while it is widely believed that the new layout for Places will be backported to all pages at some point, I don’t know of any offical statements confirming this. The offical roadmap doesn’t help either.
Quick Facts:

  • The reduction from 520px to 493px is currently only affecting custom „tabs“ added to Facebook Places, as well as pages which have been merged with places.
  • The official roadmap doesn’t reveal anything about an impending trim, so this might very well change again.

We haven’t found anything on the web about this change, so maybe this is just temporary. If you have added custom tabs to a Place or merged Place, we recommend to check if everything is still looking as it’s supposed to. If you’re planning to implement new tabs, it might be a good idea to at least leave some extra horizontal padding, just in case… 🙂
Update: here is a merged page, that shows the same problem live. Obviously, 520px wide content is pushed down by the right sidebar. Maybe this is really just a temporary issue?
PS: One more thing, the new pages seem to lack the ability to set a „Landing Tab“, thanks @__tosh for pointing this out!

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