LeWall – Our next-generation Twitterwall at LeWeb'10

For today’s LeWeb’10 in Paris we put together a neat showcase of our next-gen twitterwall dubbed LeWall 😉 Next-gen twitterwall? think of it as a typical (almost) realtime twitterwall plus additional sources like Foursquare- & Gowalla-checkins, Facebook-posts, Flickr-photos etc. (more to come!).
Link: http://widgets.stadtkinder.com/leweb
Want your own Wall? Contact wall@socialisten.at!
Since LeWeb arguably is the largest internet-conference in europe, we pretty much were sure to get high volumes of posts, checkins etc… and volumes we got! as of now (afternoon of day #1) we count +11.000 tweets, +1.500, +300 flickr-photos (we’ve added flickr-support at noon) and only few facebook-posts (there seem to be general issues with public search of the graph API). Here are some screenshots displaying…

…some Tweets, Photos from Flickr (left) and of course some checkins from Foursquare (right). Our wall can be used standalone/fullscreen for projection on a beamer or large TV-set, but can also easily be integrated as a widget on your own site (below, left). Right now, the wall supports these incoming channels (more to come, pretty soon!):

  • Twitter (tracking multiple keywords, hashtags)
  • Foursquare (tracking of multiple venues)
  • Gowalla (tracking of multiple spots)
  • Facebook (tracking of wallposts on multiple pages, Facebook-wide search for publicly available wallposts via Graph-API seems broken at them moment)
  • Flickr (tracking of mutliple tags)

Also: kudos go to webfeuer, who gave us a chance to premiere & beta-test our wall at their anniversary-party last week (click for more photos of the wall in action).
Oh, and here’s a little screencast we’ve recorded today:

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