March 25th: Facebook H4CK Berlin

Facebook is holding their first developer-event outside the United States next week in Berlin – the agenda is covering everything from basic platform-concepts to current hot topics like Facebook Credits and advanced techniques like Graph API-Batching, realtime updates and introspection. An opportunity we won’t miss – the better part of Die Socialisten will be in Berlin next week – let’s hack together! 🙂
Signup: H4CK Berlin
Full Agenda:

1. Kickoff: Welcome/Introduction
2. Facebook Platform: Overview and Core concepts
3. Social Design
4. Social plugins + Open Graph Protocol
5. Using Social Channels: Distribution via News Feed, Requests, Dialogs
6. Authentication in Canvas, Page Tabs, Your Site – Mobile SingleSignOn
7. Graph API
8. Insights
9. Using Facebook Credits
10. HTML5
– Using the Graph API to the full – Batching, Realtime updates, Introspection etc

PS: there are more Facebook-events coming in march – Paris & London – check out the developer blog!

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