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Update: On February 17th, Facebook has approved Scrobbler for Open Graph! An invite to install the app is not necessary anymore! Install at
Ever since this years f8 developer conference, we at „Die Socialisten“ have been burning to release the first apps utilizing the new Open Graph, bringing friction-less sharing-features to your Timeline-enabled profiles. Since Timeline is not released to the public yet, some very exciting apps for our clients have to remain in the pipeline a litte bit longer…
Not particularly good at waiting, we’ve built  & released an inofficial demo-app meanwhile, which connects your to the Open Graph. After authorization (which previews the Open Graph actions the app is about to publish to your profile, see screenshot), the app does little more than to periodically check your „recent listens“-feed on and publish these as „Listen to“-actions to your Timeline (screenshot). Friends who see these actions in their ticker, may click the track and listen to the song themselves. We have implemented this by linking all tracks to a matching YouTube-clip (which of course works great very often, but also tends to break especially when the track’s title includes remixers etc.).
Implementing these features was pretty straight-forward, especially for developers already familiar with the Facebook-platform. We are really looking forward to the public launch of Timeline and the new breed of social applications which will then be enabled! 🙂
Attention: if you want to try out our yourself, you’ll first have to enable Timeline (here’s a how-to). Moreover, since all Open Graph actions have to be approved by Facebook, which they haven’t started doing yet, we have to add Testing-permissions for your Facebook-account before you install the app. Just email me at, and make sure to include your Facebook User-ID!

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  2. Brilliant! The only thing I’d suggest is that the app doesn’t post individual posts for each track listened to, as it can overwhelm someone’s timeline.

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