Going Global: Facebook announces Global Pages-Framework

[tl;dr] With the announcement of Global Pages, Facebook tries to solve countless localization-issues global brands are currently facing. Global Pages enable brands to have a single identity on Facebook, while offering customized, geo-targeted and localized content for each market. Global Pages include the ability to localize Cover- & Profile-picture, Apps/Tabs, page-name and Timeline-posts. Global Pages have been tested with selected brands during the past months, and are now available to all brands having a direct relationship with Facebook or a Facebook-PMD (like us ;)).
Link: Official Announcement
The Problems for Global Brands so far
Up til now, brands have been following two approaches in the strive to communicate with their global audience: they either set up a single, worldwide brand-page to build their global community in a single place on Facebook, or they chose to set up multiple, national brand-pages for each country or market. Both approaches have serious downsides. Global pages currently have only limited ability to geo-target content – while its perfectly possible to target Timeline-postings to certain audiences, there’s simply no way to target profile- or cover-picture or translate certain copywriting. On the other hand, separated local pages allow perfect targeting and customization, but lead to community-fragmentation, lower edge-rank and generally don’t make the user feel like part of a global community. It’s also much harder to manage these separate pages.
The Solution – Global Pages Structure
Global Pages is a new approach to building global brand-communities on Facebook. The Global Pages-framework merges both strategies described above and allows full localization of each part of the page: cover- & profile-picture, page-name, apps, Timeline-posts etc. From a brand-owners perspective, Global Pages combine several separate, local pages under a single global meta-page. Facebook automatically uses a visitors IP-addresses & profile-info to decide which local page is displayed to each particular user. While users may manually switch to a specific local page, the whole point is that the brand is represented through one single, global page to the user. Global Pages…

  • Have a single Page-name (no more „Brand XY Germany“, „Brand XY Italy“ etc.), which can be translated if necessary
  • Have a consolidated total number of Fans and number of People talking about this (PTAT)
  • Have a single vanity-URL which can be promoted more easily and consistent (vanity-urls for local pages stay the same)
  • Have global & local Page-insights
  • Have a single, translated result in Facebook-searches for the brand-name
  • Fans will be assigned a local page by IP-address and other profile-info, the global page serves as fallback.
  • Fans are able to manually switch to one particular local page (it’s not supported to „like“ more than one local page at the moment).

Brands currently running several localized pages will have the ability to consolidate their pages under a single Global Page. The initial set-up process will require a direct relationship with Facebook or a Facebook PMD. You will then be able to migrate on a per-page-basis, which should give you time to prepare & localize, translate each local page.
Brands which are currently running a single page but want to benefit from the advanced localization possibilities Global Pages are offering, will have to go through the process of creating localized pages, which can then be linked with the global meta-page. Again, this will involve the Facebook-representative you’re working with for set-up.
The Bottom Line

  • Global Pages is currently available to managed accounts only (i.e. you have to be in direct contact with Facebook or an agency like us that has a direct relationship with Facebook).
  • While its recommended to switch an existing local page-structure to Global Pages, it’s not mandatory.

Want to go global?
Having been granted the Pages-badge of the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer-program, Die Socialisten can help your brand to go global on Facebook! Get in contact: office@socialisten.at! Well be happily answering your questions about Global Pages below in comments or via E-mail!

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