Best of Die Socialisten 2012 – A Year in Review

It’s that time of the year when everyone is talking about achievements and milestones in the year gone by. After reading the quite impressive Facebook reviews, I thought: Yeah, let’s do this too! After all, 2012 was a quite successful year for Die Socialisten as well! Scrobbler
We started the year with the public launch of the Scrobbler right after Open Graph was made publicly available in early 2012. Even before the public launch we had nearly 1,000 beta testers in sandbox mode – a number the blew our expectations by far. But it got even better: We now have more than 85,000 monthly active users (MAU) and have published over 200,000,000 (yeah, thats >200mio!) actions so far. What an amazing year for all music lovers out there, especially for our +40.000-Fans. BTW: Stay tuned, there is even more functionality we want to add in 2013!
Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Status
In April, we were listed in Facebook’s new PMD-program. Amazing detail: We are the first PMD from Austria and one of only 37 agencies in the world having the „Pages“ badge as well as the „Apps“ badge. The announcement was a huge boost for our work of the last 5 years, internally as well as externally. There is even a song about us. Incredible!
The FaceBOOK
Yeah, you heard it right. Although we live in a rapidly changing environment, Michael did the near-impossible: He wrote a book about Facebook App Development which was published by Galileo Computing in April 2012. It is still – months after its initial release – the #1 printed reference in this area of expertise. If you want to start with Facebook development, here’s a good place to start.
Facebook Programmierung
Summercamp and its spin-offs
In summer we celebrated our „annual“ team camp in a luxurious mansion near Lake Balaton, Hungary. Even though it felt lot like the famous Playboy mansion, our main goal was to hack & learn while keeping off from client-projects for a whole week. So, what happens at Summercamp does not stay there, but gets shouted out to the Interwebs! We blogged about our fun projects OMGMail and Tweetsheets and also released the more serious product „“ for free. Feel free to embed your very own OpenGraph-enabled chat widget in your websites! Although some minor disagreements with the landlord (*cough*) will force us to find a new location, we’ll definitely do this again in 2013!
Successful, cutting-edge apps
Because we are PMDs, we always want to get the best out of our apps. So we tried little-known Platform features like Achievements/Scores, and built quite challenging apps with the use of HTML5 and other new browser features. We built Open Graph-apps for (Mein Klub) and (Krone Social TV) as well as countless campaigns with our friends at ambuzzador and digital affairs. As CTO I am proud of my team, since every app was finished on time and helped our customers and partners to exceed their community goals. Thanks to all of our partners for our really good relationship. We love you and are really looking forward to 2013. Together we’ll be raising the bar even further!
Unforgettable trip to SF
In October we had the great opportunity to visit Facebook in their Menlo Park HQ for the second time this year – and it was awesome! Me and Michael (our CEO) rented a Ford Mustang Convertible and enjoyed the American lifestyle a lot. We ended up with very interesting insights from the official PMD Fall Summit presentations and met even more interesting people in the after shows ;). Bonus: meeting our Austrian friends from and Buffer – awesome hanging out with you guys!
Getting serious about
Our friends at ambuzzador have been using our social media management-solution to manage loads of clients & channels for the better part of 2012. After signing up more beta-users we’ve started to significantly redesign & simplify to get it ready for a public launch in early 2013. Since our own community on Facebook has grown to more than 12.000 fans as well, we now have also good reason to use ourselves 🙂
Our team stayed together
It is rather rare that a development team (at an agency) stays together for an entire year. Not only did we manage to do that, but we are also  looking very much forward to welcome Dani and Rosie to our crew in January 2013!
I think that the main factors are fun at work, a relaxed environment, kind management and amazing team events like our weekly cooking, trips to London, Hamburg, BerlinXbox-Sessions or our participation at the Vienna Night Run in late September. OMG – we now even have company-branded T-Shirts! 😉
Thanks to Martin E., Martin S., Patrick, Fabian, Philipp, Kathi, Dani!  You guys rock! You’re the best.
8c001c44d87aa5c3ec3e12431e53f091A word from the CEO: In the frenzy that was 2012, it’s sometimes too easy to forget just how much a small but highly skilled & dedicated dev-team like ours can achieve in just one year. Thanks Johannes, for bringing that to my attention so perfectly, and of course thanks to each and everyone working with us during the past years (that of course includes our team, partners, customers & friends). I’m looking forward to a great & exciting 2013 together with you guys! 🙂
Yours truly, Michael

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