Launch: – Free service monitors your Facebook Page 
and sends Email & SMS-alerts

[tl;dr] is a free service helping social media managers keep an eye on their Facebook Pages. The app monitors a Facebook Page for impending flamewars and shitstorms by detecting unusual peaks of community-activity and recognizing overly negative toned comments. Community managers receive the alarm via Email & SMS.



From our press release:

Having active communities on Facebook can be so awesome! But then there are times when your company or brand is in trouble – big time! A “shitstorm” or “flamewar” is what social media managers call a “storm of protest, expressed through an Internet communications channel, mostly involving insulting remarks and foul language”. No matter how high-profile your brand may be – sooner or later you might find yourself in this kind of situation.

Studies have shown that shitstorms or flamewars can be contained most effectively when recognized early. That’s why we’ve built! Our service will monitor your Facebook Page every minute of the day and send you immediate notification via email and SMS when something bad is about to happen! checks your Facebook Page for unusual peaks in community activity and utilizes language-aware sentiment-analysis to separate negative and positive postings & comments. is a free service provided by Austrian social software agency “Die Socialisten” (, makers of (, a professional social media management solution for teams running any number of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or WordPress channels. - Screenshot

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Michael Kamleitner

Michael Kamleitner is CEO & Product Manager at, a Social Media Management solution that’s helping companies to improve their customer support & content management on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. is currently used by companies such as 3Österreich, Hitradio Ö3, ÖBB, Focus Online and Burda Intermedia. Follow Michael on Twitter, Facebook or Google+!

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