Facebook PMDs Swat.io and RIOT (Brazil) Join Strategic Partnership

Vienna / Sao Paulo, August 18, 2014 – Efficient community management and content planning for social media teams in agencies and enterprises is a challenge that we set out to meet in 2012 with our service Swat.io. Having established a solid reputation in the German speaking markets, Swat.io is now expanding its international network of partner agencies with the Brazilian agency RIOT.

RIOT, Brazil’s largest independent digital agency with 300 employees in four locations, will be utilizing Swat.io in its work with more than 25 brands, including the likes of LG Electronics, Johnnie Walker, PepsiCo, Spotify and Renault. Specifically geared toward agencies’ needs, Swat.io’s workflow and planning features support seamless collaboration between agency and brand. According to Walter Motta Junior, Head of Global Partnerships at RIOT: “With Swat.io, we are using the most efficient management solution for social content available on the market today. Using a simple, unified interface, it’s possible to visualize an editorial calendar, review posts and gather insights to help make decisions. Furthermore, we will actively contribute to Swat.io with product development feedback, that will arise as the operation shapes up over time.”
“For Swat.io, RIOT is more than an international showcase”, said Michael Kamleitner, CEO of “Die Socialisten”. “Close collaboration with a social media creation agency that is not only replicating well­known best practices, but is rather progressing the medium itself through innovation, ensures that Swat.io will take a key role in shaping future trends in social media and content marketing.”
RIOT and Swat.io / “Die Socialisten” are both listed in the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) program. Besides having many years of experience on the Facebook Platform, they share the vision of shaping the future of social media marketing and communication.

About Swat.io:

Social Media Management for Teams – that’s the tagline for Swat.io, developed by Vienna­based software agency “Die Socialisten”. Swat.io offers a service specifically designed to meet the requirements of agencies and large enterprises. Collaborative content planning across all social media channels, approval processes between agency and brand, efficient community management and reliable customer service distinguish the teams that use Swat.io in their social media management. Clients include Drei,
ÖBB, Hitradio Ö3, Burda, Focus Online & Stern TV. To see some of our success stories, go to https://swat.io/#successstories! For more information on Swat.io and a free 30­day trial, visit http://swat.io.

About RIOT:

Riot Logo
Established in 2006, RIOT is the 1st Brazilian agency specializing in social media. In 2012, it incorporated a digital agency and a media bureau, redesigning the whole creation scope, aiming at a position that is way beyond social media. Today, RIOT has around 300 employees in 4 offices – São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, and Fortaleza. Clients include brands such as Johnnie Walker, Renault, LG Electronics, Spotify and Alibaba. Visit http://www.riot.com.br for more information!

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